paying homage to five Asian female-led businesses in Australia

Innovation is a great business skill and drives growth. Diversity also is proven to make the business stronger and better.

Check out the amazing success stories from 5 Asian female-led businesses in Australia. See how they overcome a crisis.

  • November 25, 2021
  • 6 min read
  • Thornmoney
  • November 25, 2021
  • 6 min read
  • Thornmoney

Small businesses have always been the backbone of the Australian economy and labour force. Unfortunately, the pandemic has hit the business world hard both financially (and for Asian-owned companies, psychologically due to the rise of anti-Asian sentiment.) We spoke to five business owners to find out how they’ve been coping amidst the chaos and the biggest challenges they have faced so far.

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Image provided by Krupa Bhagani and Kruti Balakrishnan.

myBeepr is a secure digital app for streamlining messaging and image transmissions between health and medical practitioners. The company was founded in 2016 by sisters Kruti Balakrishnan and Krupa Bhagani (along with Kruti’s husband, colorectal surgeon Dr. Vikram Balakrishnan) following the sisters’ long-term care of their terminally ill father. “There’s a lot of ‘red-tape’ you need to go through with B2B sales. You’re dealing with longer sales cycles, risk-averse stakeholders who are conservative in their approach. Stakeholders move around every year, so by the time you get closer to signing a contract, they may leave and you have to start all over again (sales),” shares the sisters. “Enterprises (especially in healthcare) don’t like dealing with small vendors/start-ups. Despite being a start-up, we have managed to build credibility by partnering with Avant Mutual, Australia’s largest medical indemnity provider. This has supported us in converting several contracts with large hospital districts.”

Convert Dial

Image provided by Megna Murali

Convert Dial is an app and a B2B SaaS created by Megna Murali which uses AI to identify patterns in your data that predict which customer is going to convert next and how to target them. In a nutshell Convert Dial predicts what your customers need, increases conversion rates, and reduces costs by marketing to the right people at the right time.
“B2B companies are often behind many of the brands you love and interact with! My proudest achievement since owning an Australian B2B is helping SMBs achieve their business goals. I find that highly rewarding,” says Megna. The biggest challenge she has faced so far is filling the knowledge gap in areas that are not her expertise.

Broad Matters

Jennifer Robertson - owner of Broad Matters
Image provided by Jennifer Robertson

Board Matters is a Corporate Governance Advisory managed by Jennifer Robertson FAICD.
They have been delivering a carefully curated collection of premium services to all sorts of organisations for over two decades. By creating bespoke solutions with proven results, Board Matters ensures your company’s success at every turn. Jennifer Robertson states that business owners should always be prepared in advance. “Invest more time in planning your business growth than you do planning a weekend away,” advises Jennifer. “Aim for massive growth, not just survival.”

QFirst Property Investment Group

Marites portrait
Image provided by Marites Idea Novis

Marites Idea Novis is the Managing Director Qfirst Property Investment Group, a game-changing real estate business, geared specifically toward first-home buyers and investors.Qfirst Property Investment Group is part of the new breed of real estate agencies specialising in promoting, prospecting, listing, marketing, and selling pre-developed projects, finished properties, and project developments. Qfirst Property Investment Group is recognised as a top-producing company and has earned notable accolades including 2020 Forbes ‘Outstanding Woman of Style & Businesswoman of the Year’ to Marites Novis, CEO of Qfirst Property InvestmentGroup, 2021 Australian Small Business Champions Finalist – Real Estate Category (winners announced early 2022, 2021 Blacktown Local Business Awards – Outstanding Real Estate Finalist (winners to be announced late 2021), 2021 Filipino Communities Council of Australia (FILCCA) Filipino-Australian Achiever Award New South Wales recipient among others.

When asked what her biggest challenge was, Marites said “Apart from English being a second language and of course, having to build a network from scratch when moving to Australia in 2008, one thing that has stuck with me is the fact that not everyone around you will be supportive of your success. Some people will always find ways to bring you down and diminish your accomplishments and that is why, instead of focusing my energy in winning those unnecessary battles, I channelled my energy into building a strong relationship with my team and our clients; the kind of relationship that is established through mutual trust, shared passion and open-mindedness.”

Hatch Legal

Hatch legal logo
Image provided by Evelyn Hii

Hatch Legal is a firm operated by Evelyn Hii. It specifically caters to business owners and all their legal needs – contracts, leases, debt recovery, litigation, and strategic planning.

“Once my maternity leave came to an end, I realised that my child would require my care and attention a lot more than what I could provide working full-time. There is no flexibility like the flexibility of being your own boss. Thankfully, I had the support of my husband who pushed me to get the ball rolling and I haven’t looked back. It has been a thoroughly positive experience,” shares Evelyn. Some of Evelyn’s proudest moments are achieving very successful debt recoveries and keeping her firm strictly paper-free – which is quite a challenge in the legal industry.

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