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  • November 6, 2021
  • 3 min read
  • Thornmoney
  • November 6, 2021
  • 3 min read
  • Thornmoney

Whilst using your home as security can be the cheapest way to secure business finance, many savvy businesses are discovering they don’t need to use their home as security to fund their business growth. Business funding solutions have evolved to make business growth easier for SMEs and company owners.

the latest innovation in business finance solutions

As business systems have become more sophisticated, so to have the funding options to provide businesses with quick access to cashflow without the need to add additional risk to your home. Just the same, asset finance brokers have also adopted cutting-edge business finance solutions designed to make business life easier and business growth faster.

Many company owners, some may call them traditionalists, would rather not use their home as security for the purpose of accessing a business loan to grow their company. Especially those companies that can demonstrate a sound and secure business model which is highly profitable.

One of the things which keeps business owners awake at night is the risk and discomfort of using their home as ongoing security in times of business growth and the need for business funding solutions. The other thing that keeps them up at night is the lack of understanding of the available business funding options.

how to access this business funding innovation

SMEs can access cashflow by utilising an often underutilised asset – their unpaid invoices. As businesses are emerging from lockdown, the end of year rush this year is compounded like never before. SMEs will require funding solutions to meet demand and ensure they’re ready with sufficient supplies, staffing, and equipment to continue running their business.

These types of business owners are looking for an equally sophisticated finance broker. A broker who understands them. An asset finance broker who understands their needs, their concerns, and their desire to empower their business to be self-sufficient. These SMEs understand the coined phrase ‘the costs of doing business’ just as much as they understand the risks of starting and running a business.

Modern funding solutions are designed for modern business owners in a modern world. They empower and enable companies to grow in times of need and access the cashflow they need when they need.

thornmoney: a funding solutions tailored to your business

Our business line of credit (also known as invoice finance) allows you to simply turn unpaid invoices into fast funds. In other words, with invoice finance, up to 90% of the invoice amount can be accessed as a ‘cash advance’.  With no lock-in contract or fixed monthly fees, it is as simple as connecting your accounting software with our platform. To get more details about this funding option please read “What is invoice finance?

If you’re upgrading your fleet or business equipment, our asset finance products might be your answer. Our loans are available with tailored rates for your business and various payment terms up to 5 years. The options include chattel mortgages and rental agreements. Please refer to “What is asset finance? for more information.

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