meet Chris – our best cyclist BDM

When he’s not surrounded by retro bicycles, Christopher McCall is busy finding out how he can help finance brokers support their clients.

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  • May 19, 2023
  • 3 min read
  • Thornmoney
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I mainly work with finance brokers

As the Business Development Manager for Victoria, WA, South Australia and Tasmania, my job is to build rapport with finance brokers and introduce solutions for asset finance and invoice finance transactions.

It’s all about spending time with people and helping them to understand how thornmoney works and what we can do for them. This job is all about people and communication… and that’s what I do best.

It’s about the human touch

The Thorn Business Finance (as it was then known) that I joined 11 years ago is vastly different to the current thornmoney.

We have evolved and moved with market expectations to provide that invaluable human touch alongside our top-notch tech offerings. One of my proudest moments was being part of the team to relaunch thornmoney in the marketplace with new pricing, new credit and a new broker platform to engage with introducers. It is great to be able to ask introducers what they are looking for in the marketplace and identify opportunities to provide support.

Chris and Paul Rathbone, General Manager of Thornmoney, at a Connective event in Perth.

I love any kind of challenge

Chris’ favourite Bianchi bike Bicycle

Whether it’s enjoying my hobby of cycling and collecting retro bicycles or helping our product to stand out as a lending solution for business owners, I always put in my all.

If you know what I mean when I mention Colnago, Bianchi and Willier, you speak my language. I have averaged 12,000 km on my bicycle for the past two years (and I’m on track for a third year) Person bikingPerson bikingPerson biking.


If there is one thing I love about this job, although there are many, it is the diversity.

There are so many different products that we finance for businesses, and the value that these products provide for the end user are so varied. From mobile event display businesses to outback transport companies, I’ve been able to help so many organisations to access the finance they need to operate or grow.

There is constant diversity in my job and I get to be a conduit, representing introducers and end users to thornmoney so they can achieve their goals.

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