the post lockdown revival will test your business cashflow

Are you fully prepared for the influx of new business during an unprecedented post lockdown revival?

  • November 11, 2021
  • 5 min read
  • Thornmoney

  • November 11, 2021
  • 5 min read
  • Thornmoney

Businesses will need to be well prepared and ready for the influx of new business during an unprecedented post lockdown revival. Cashflow is most definitely king, and businesses will need to hold tabs on their business finance warns thornmoney

the businesses are back

Any concerns of a post-lockdown revival have been squashed. Walking through The Rocks in Sydney on a sun-swept Sunday – you’d be forgiven to forget lock-down ever happened. The same goes for shopping malls in Melbourne. Swarms of people busily battling the crowds is no longer a distant memory of how life once was. The people have returned and they’re on a mission to spend their hard-saved dollars. But business owners could face some serious problems if they don’t prepare early.

These areas are far from a ghost-town on Halloween weekend.  Visitors enjoy a relaxed stroll around the Harbourside and wander through the revived tourist trap. Even the boys (and girls) in blue enjoy a leisurely stroll with local barista-made coffee in hand and get a well-earned chance to doff their masks in the open-air space.

The promenade formed along George Street, Sydney offers a lush and shady spot for a coffee, a light bite, or an afternoon beverage at one of many new cafes, bars, or restaurants which have filled many of the recently COVID-vacated shopfronts. This is also a sign of what Melbournites are in for in the coming weeks and months. Whilst the Melbourne CBD amongst other areas experiences record commercial space vacancies from the aftermath of the extended lockdowns, the Sydney precinct revivals shed a shining light on what’s possible with a positive can-do spirit our Australian SME’s possess in times of adversity.

is your business cashflow ready?

Businesses across the country are busily preparing for an unprecedented Christmas period and holiday season. With the Freedom Day celebrations behind us, the city buzz we love to hate re-appears but with open-arms like never before. For Australian businesses waking from a severe covid-inflicted hang-over reminiscent of a 21st birthday bash, business expansion plans are well in action. Thornmoney warns, business owners need to be prepared with sufficient cashflow and not wait to assess their business finance options to find the right finance solutions to access quickly when they need it.

Behind the scenes, hundreds of businesses across Sydney and Melbourne have been preparing for this moment. But wowing the wanting customers to claim a share of our open purses doesn’t come cheap. Business owners have been redesigning their al fresco spaces, COVID-safe dining areas and innovating to bring the customers back through their doors. New furniture plans line the pavement, refurbished venues parade the on-trend look, along with the mouth-watering new-look menus. The hospitality industry hustles to rehire their new wait/kitchen staff and new season stock orders start to arrive in time for a king-tide festive summer season.

Business owners now need to turn their focus to cashflow and if required, business finance solutions. Choosing the right funding options is imperative for a successful re-opening or new opening of their business. Just as imperative as managing their business growth, too much business too quickly can be as bad as not having enough. Being well prepared and having the right strategy will save a lot of money and time. Know your finance options ahead of time, warns thornmoney.

There are many experienced asset finance brokers who will quickly assess funding options and provide the right finance solutions, at the right time – and that time is now! It’s crucial to manage business cashflow during these times, as too much business growth and not enough cashflow can cause severe issues and will hinder business expansion plans.

The key to the successful re-openings, new openings, and revivals have been, and will be, cashflow. Business owners preparing for the bumper season ahead need a quick funding solution to re-stock, rehire, or renovate. Thornmoney can assist with our new state-of-the art solutions, designed to support their business growth plans. We provide quick funding solutions which are ready when you and your clients are.

The key is to prepare early for the bumper season ahead. Business owners need to be speaking with you as their mortgage broker or asset finance broker, now. Speak to one of our friendly BDM’s available to answer your questions.

Thornmoney solution

Thornmoney provides simplified business cashflow solutions to help with the pains of business expansion. If you’re an asset finance broker who deals with small businesses, connect with our BDMs to learn more about how our innovative cashflow funding options can help you to create a complete financial strategy for your SME clients above and beyond just providing their primary home loan, business loan, or commercial loan.

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