solving cashflow problems – how’s thornmoney’s invoice finance different?

Cashflow management is an ongoing challenge for SMEs. Brokers, do your SME clients have the right tool to overcome the problem? See how our cutting-edge invoice finance product can help.

  • June 30, 2022
  • 5 min read
  • Thornmoney
  • June 30, 2022
  • 5 min read
  • Thornmoney
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What are the pain points of every SME?

If a business faces a cashflow issue caused by extended payment terms and doesn’t have the cash to invest in inventory, pay staff, and pay for other expenses, this article may be the answer.

Most small businesses usually face two core challenges: generating sales and managing cashflow. With fewer customers and extended payment terms, it is not getting any easier in the B2B world.

According to a study by Xero (2022), 56% of small businesses have cashflow pressure; over 50% of the companies constantly question how they will pay for their expenses. Additionally, Spenda states in their new research that 82% of the failed companies agreed cashflow problems were a cause of their failure.

Well, thornmoney may have the right solution! Consider our invoice finance funding solutions for small businesses if a company constantly asks itself these questions:

  1. When it comes to managing cashflow, does the business have all the tools needed?
  2. Does the business have enough cashflow to grow and get through the next few months?
  3. For those firms supplying other businesses, is there a working capital management solution to get invoices paid on the day of issue instead of waiting for 90 days?

Businesses are leaving cash on the table if they are not exploring this balance sheet component. 

Thornmoney’s line of credit: release up to 90% of pending invoices from day one

What is this product?

Invoice Finance is a line of credit against a business’ unpaid invoices. It is a tool to bring cashflow forward. Instead of waiting 30 days to get paid, Invoice Finance can fund up to 90% of the invoice value immediately.

To know more about this funding solution, read “What is invoice finance?

8 reasons differentiating us from other invoice finance providers

Thornmoney is not the only lender that offers this funding solution in the business finance market. However, our cutting-edge technologies have simplified the process and management, making this finance solution more accessible.

1.    Simple connection

It is as simple as connecting the accounting software with our Thornmoney Platform. If the business uses Xero, MYOB, or QuickBooks… our platform can seamlessly connect and calculate the available funds. With complete control, the company can request what they need, and the funds are deposited into their nominated accounts.

We also offer the facility for clients without accounting software.

2.    Easy online application process

As a long-established non-bank lender, we understand all the hassle of the traditional onboarding process of invoice finance. Therefore, the one-off application can be done online within minutes with the streamlined and simplified Thornmoney Platform.

3.    Confidentiality

Most of our clients have a confidential facility; we also offer a disclosed facility.

4.    No property is needed as security

Our security is the unpaid invoices. So, rest assured that we won’t take the business owner’s home as a loan guarantee.

5.     No lock in contract

The best about our invoice finance product is the no lock-in contract policy. If the business finds the product doesn’t fit their needs, they can exit the facility anytime without additional charges.

6.    We support start-up businesses

Lenders are usually cautious when talking about newer businesses; hence, there are not many lending solutions for start-ups. However, we look at not only the business’ performance but also its potential. Our line of credit product is available for newer businesses with at least nine months of operation.

7.    No business is too small

With most lenders, invoice finance is only applicable for medium to large companies. This is because of the lengthy audit and onboarding process.

However, thornmoney’s technologies provide a minimised and streamlined process, making it more accessible for smaller businesses. With a loan that starts from $10,000 to $2,000,000, we can give everyone a fairer go.

8.    Transparent and simple fee structure

Our low-touch systems are super-efficient, which significantly lowers operational costs. This also reduces several fees for the business. Additionally, thornmoney believes in no hidden charges, so our fee structure is transparent.

Besides the one-off set-up/ establishment fee, we only have a drawdown fee and the agreed interest—no admin or service costs.

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Still needing questions answered? Read our key benefits of invoice finance analysis


  • Up to $2M in funding
  • Tailored rates
  • No hidden fees
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