helping rural communities with dental hygiene

“our business is founded on holistic health care practices, sustainability and accessibility”

– The Holistic Hygienist, South Australia

An advocate for oral health

Great dental hygiene makes a huge difference to lessen the need for more invasive, expensive dental treatment. Therefore regularly visiting your hygienist is a good idea and straightforward when you’re based in the city but less so when you’re out in the bush. Our business owner comes from a small town in Victoria, and is passionate about delivering mobile services around South Australia and beyond, to address this gap.

“Our mobile dental hygiene services will give people in rural areas access to affordable dental hygiene care and our cruelty free, environmentally conscious products enable us to care for the environment while also giving you a glowing smile that lasts!”

Portable dental equipment for the bush

Specialist equipment that is portable was needed to support The Holistic Hygienist business which operates from at least 5 different locations. To get the new hygiene kit costs around $40,000 however with some cash available for a deposit, a loan was arranged of $33,000. The equipment has now arrived and is being put into practical use around South Australia.

Meeting the needs of a dental professional

Hygienists and other medical professionals often work for themselves. This can make finding finance difficult, as overdrafts, cards or short term loans may not be suitable or affordable. Asset Finance secures the loan against the equipment and enables payments to be spread over 5 years.

  1. Sole traders welcomed
  2. Loans from as little as $10,000
  3. Newly registered for GST

funding solutions tailored to your business

Thornmoney’s asset appetite is wide, especially for quality equipment and our approach is that no business is too small. Getting to improve the dental health of all communities is a great win for everyone. It’s smiles all round!

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