no business is too small: fly high, fly far

See how we help this family owned business get their special asset: a surveying drone.

the client

This small business was established by a happy family who dreams that the business will one day provide them with full-time employment. Located in regional Australia, they offer high quality surveying services for the southern areas of NSW local’s demands.

the challenge

Starting in 2019, the company successfully went through the COVID-19 crisis and grew steadily during the past 3 years. They’ve recently won a surveying contract requiring decent industry-standard drones. Therefore, they needed finance to upgrade their drone fleet to meet more complex surveying demands.

Having an open mind toward secondary and tertiary assets, thornmoney was the first name coming up top of the broker’s mind. Thinking our asset finance product was a good fit for the client, the broker advised the business to use thornmoney’s asset finance.

thornmoney’s answer: No business is too small

Thornmoney found the drone was relevant to the business and needed to fulfil their recently acquired contract. Besides, our asset finance BDM Chris McCall and the credit team were also confident with the business’s potential and background. The director has been working in the surveying industry for 15 years, and the company has a healthy ledger. 

At the end of the day, with a wide credit and asset appetite, thornmoney helped them secure a professional drone.

The broker and the client were happy with our speedy turnaround time and the hassle-free journey. No endless back and forward email chain, as the information was submitted via the thornmoney broker portal.

As a result, the recently acquired professional drone, the client can satisfy the contracts they have won and potentially expand in the future. We hope thornmoney will be able to fuel their funding needs again in the future, and we wish the business will fly high and far. 

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