seven-figure invoice finance? Done!

This Australian logistics company relies on invoice finance from thornmoney for faster, more reliable cashflow.

the client

This client is a small logistics business with headquarters in Victoria and a depot in Adelaide.

With a $9 million annual turnover, it is a relatively new business that provides standard and refrigerated transport services between Melbourne and Adelaide for a number of nationally-recognised brands.

the challenge

An existing invoice finance arrangement with another provider helped to bridge this company’s cashflow gaps but the paperwork and time required to process invoices added to the overall cost of using the service.

A half-day was taken up each week by the admin team, time which could be better used serving customers and working on growing the business.

Because of its business model, this client also needed the flexibility to access more than seven figures worth of invoice finance. However, other lenders’ strict credit criteria kept getting in the way of approval.

the solution: we value personal relationships

Thornmoney was able to solve this client’s problem with a digital invoice finance solution that allows them to submit invoices with only a few clicks. There is no need to upload documents and requests separately and manually. Because of the volume of invoices this client handles each week, the solution made sense for them.

Our solutions can cover invoices to the amount of $1.5 million. This gives the client incredible flexibility around cashflow.  Because of the time saved, the admin team is able to spend an extra intensive half-day focusing on serving customers and growing the business.

Our non-intrusive approach also appealed to the business. It is very rare for thornmoney to intervene or chase overdue invoices, which means the company paying the invoice only deals directly with the provider.

While we don’t need to make a secret of our existence, it’s more on a ‘need to know basis, especially if that’s what our client prefers.

Finally, while other providers had been unable to accommodate their requests because of strict credit criteria, thornmoney was happy to help. Our invoice finance BDM Aris Lockhart went to the field and got to know clients personally, and made decisions on a case-by-case basis. Our assessments confirmed the client was a good candidate for invoice finance.

Access up to $3 million in invoice finance with a flexible arrangement that can grow with almost any business. Talk to thornmoney today.

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